Hi I'm Richie Norton; Director & Founder of The Strength Temple.

As someone who has played at high levels of competitive sport, I’ve needed to understand what it takes to reach the highest levels of fitness. Its not always been the smoothest ride finding my way.

Going through physical and psychological challenges in my life, battling with depression, sustaining career ending injuries, making lifestyle mistakes, being overweight and pushing my body to its limits has taken its toll. I had to hit some all time lows before I was able pick myself up and start this new journey. Having said that one of my favourite quotes is that a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor; I'd like to think I've definitely earned my sea legs ;-)
The Strength Temple was born out of the lessons I've learnt and the teachings I've had in my training and nutrition journey.  I want to share the knowledge, facts and motivation that allowed me to turn my life around and give me the power to help others maximise their potential.

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