Smoothie Strategies for Dips in Energy

We've all been there.  Hectic lifestyle, not had time to grab enough to eat, tempted by a quick fix of the wrong food that will crash us later.  Here's a great habit that will make sure you always have something to reach for to keep your fire burning.  Stack some smoothies in your fridge..

First thing you need to do is start saving your jam jars.  I have a whole stack of them.  My favourite ones are my used jars of extra virgin coconut oil and raw honey.  The lids fit really well and I can throw them through the dish washer to keep them sparkling. I use them for everything:  tea cups for my Yogi teas, leftover storage for the fridge (a used honey jar is the perfect size for a snack of risotto or just for keeping spare boiled eggs) and of course for keeping smoothies.

So make a little extra of your next smoothie and pop a couple of jars in the fridge for later.  You could give some to your friend in need of some smoothie love, your favourite client or just a stranger.  They will all thank you for it!

Secondly - when you make smoothies use frozen stuff to make them super cold.  You can of course use ice, but if you have bananas ripening, chop them up and pop them on a tray in the freezer.  When they have frozen (they won’t stick together so easily), store them in handy zip lock bags for use in smoothies later.  One of my favourite things to do is to hunt for wild food.  There tends to be a bit of a glut of blackberries in the summer in the UK, so I freeze them.  That way I’ve always got a stash of natures best ready to go in my berry smoothies.

The next area I think warrants attention is sweetness.  We all have differing tolerances to sugars and most of us like something a little sweet.  Th golden rule is look to get your sweetness from natural sugars.  We love dates in The Strength Temple kitchen as well as raw honey and ripe fruits.  NEVER add processed sugars to your smoothies.  It’s simply against the law!

So there’s a few to get you started.  Get blending :-)

Check out our smoothie recipes for inspiration and start stockpiling  your smoothies!  You can use the search bar at the top of our Welcome page.  Just type smoothie.