Comfort zones and growth

Before you read this, just take a second to evaluate where you are on a scale of 1-10 with regards to getting out of your comfort zone?  Don't take too long, but evaluate where you are.  Got your score?  Great, lets crack on then!

So everyone’s heard of the Comfort Zone.  It’s that place where we don’t feel pushed or stressed by an activity or situation.  We handle it with ease and it’s where some people assume they do their best work.

So what does your comfort zone really look and FEEL like?  After you’ve read this paragraph, close your eyes and see if you can GO to your comfort zone.  Pay attention to the colours that predominate, the sounds that you might hear, the smells that might be present.  What does the place look like?  What do you see?  Is there anyone or anything else there.  What’s the temperature?  Indulge yourself and really take a moment to enjoy what this feels like.  OK, so off you go, close your eyes.  Stay there for as long as you like.  Then come back to me :-)

So how do you feel right now?  I bet you feel quite centred and relaxed and that's because being in your comfort zone is a good thing.  I’m not going to tell you it’s not.  The thing is, life is all about balance.  We NEED comfort in our lives, but we also need to feel stretched and pushed.  That’s right, it’s not just a "nice to have" or an option, we actually NEED to feel challenged.  It’s what creates growth and is part of feeling fulfilled and happy.

Tony Robins (widely considered to be one of the best coaches on the planet) refers to this as the human paradox.  We have a NEED for CERTAINTY and a NEED for UNCERTAINTY.

Reflect on this for a moment and let it resonate with you.  If this is a revelation for you - enjoy the insight and get ready to understand how we can actually enjoy this process, because whilst your comfort zone is great, it’s when we get outside of this area that the magic happens.

The key to getting outside involves a number of things based on your current situation.  The mere thought of getting out of your comfort zone can feel quite exciting to one person and yet fill another with dread and fear.  This is based on how you define these actions internally in the theatre of your mind, and how you anchor them to past experiences.

Moving outside is a bit like stretching your muscles.  If you aren’t used to it you should start gently and gradually.  As time goes on you will start to feel the benefits and can go a little further.  Over time you will suddenly realise that you are so far removed from where you were that it’s miraculous!

This applies to your personal situation as well as your career.  How many people do you know (perhaps even yourself) who have been made redundant only to find that they land a better job?  How many time in your life have you eventually been forced to take action on something only to find that things were better after you did?  You see your comfort zone can be a death rattle for progress if you're not careful.  We recommend you regularly take time to evaluate where you are and make plans to stretch yourself and grow.  Just small steps can expand your zone sufficiently to achieve growth.

The Strength Temple Mindfulness Pilar deals extensively with techniques to move you to a wider comfort zone in a staged way.  If you’d like to hear more let us send you cool stuff here.  We’ll let you know when our online program is ready to rock your world and take you to a whole new destination within your expanded comfort zone.

In the mean time, let’s revisit how you feel about the thought of pushing yourself and getting out of your comfort zone; are you motivated?  On that scale of 1-10 where are you now?

We always say at The Strength Temple that you should never leave an empowering thought or insight without taking action to progress what you’ve learned.  Why don’t you make some plans right now to do that little thing that expands your comfort zone.

With love from The Strength Temple.