Are you throwing away your Avocado Seeds?

Vitamix Blended Avocado Seeds

Vitamix Blended Avocado Seeds

So here's the thing.  We love Avocados at The Strength Temple and eat them regularly.  As well as tasting amazing (especially when sprinkled with a few soft flakes of Malden Sea Salt) they are so nutritious for you.  For example, did you know that the best part of the avocado flesh is the stuff just under the skin?  Yep - that's right, the really green stuff that you might miss if you don't scrape those skins out properly.  Don't leave this "green gold" behind or you are missing a trick.

The secret though is that people are throwing away the most nutritious parts - the "pit" or "seed".  The key is in knowing how to prepare them.

What we like to do is save a few up and let them dry out a little on the window sill.  After a day or so, pop them into a quality blender (we use a Vitamix or Sage Blender, and won’t be held responsible for breaking inferior blenders with this method!) and blend to a crumb.  The picture inset is of some Avocado seed crumb that has oxidised after blending (like an apple might go brown after cutting.)  You can prevent this by squeezing some lemon juice over the crumb or just savour the rusty redness!

The resulting product has a nutty taste and we like to use it as a topping for porridge or salads and as a lovely addition at the end of the cooking process in a curry.

If you are interested in some in-depth science behind the nutritious aspects of the humble Avocado check out this article from The Worlds Healthiest Foods or surf over to our friend Darin Olien’s website "Superlife" for some more learning!

Oh - and don’t forget to come back and leave a comment for us below on how you like to use your new ingredient.