Our Best & top secret Guacamole Recipe

We don't tend to snack too much at The Strength Temple. This is because we believe in eating 3-4 full, nutrient dense meals a day.  We also believe in allowing for digestive enzymes and acids to redevelop between eating times ensuring sufficient nutrient breakdown and absorption.  However, this homemade guacamole is just too good to not have and is a great way for us to hit veggie targets.  If you don't snack on it, try it as a starter for your main meal.

Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients:  2-3 Ripe Avocados, 1 Chilli (as hot as you like), 1 lime, Handful of Coriander Leaves, Garlic Clove, 4 small Cherry Tomatoes, half a Red Onion, Himalayan or soft sea salt such as Malden (there's a link to our favourite Himalayan salt below), Pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Method:  Cut your avocados in half and reserve the seed (see our blended avocado seed article).  Remove the soft flesh and place in a bowl (put the skins in your compost bin).  Finely chop the garlic, red onion, chilli, coriander (leave the stalks in if it's young and fresh and not woody) and tomatoes.  Place in the bowl with the avocados.  Use the back of a fork to smash up the mixture leaving some chunks for texture.  Season to taste with salt and pepper and add about a tablespoon of the olive oil and the juice of the lime.  Give it a final stir and serve with your favourite crunchy veg.  We had carrots and cucumber in the fridge, but celery works well as do multicoloured peppers :-)