Fluro power! Rainbow Chard

Spending time in Australia literally changed my life.  I met so many influential people and had so many adventures.  One of the most awesome things I encountered was a movement called “One Wave is all it Takes”.

OneWave is a non-profit surf community tackling funks like depression, anxiety and bipolar with a simple recipe; salt-water, surfing, good mates and Fluro Fridays.  They are some of the most awesome people that I’ve ever met and I regularly don my fluro gear (even in London) to raise awareness and spread their messages.  Yep - I get a few crazy looks, but I get more smiles and that’s what it’s all about!

Here’s an extract from their website www.onewaveisallittakes.com

It doesn't matter whether you're riding a wave for the first time or the hundredth time…you never forget the feeling of being on a wave, letting everything go and enjoying the moment. OneWave is all it takes... To free the funk. To give you hope.
OneWave holds weekly Fluro Friday sunrise sessions up and down the coast to raise awareness for mental health. We dress up in the brightest outfits possible and surf/swim/do yoga. Fluro makes people smile and it gets people asking important questions, which are normally avoided about mental health. Everyone is welcome and it is a free event.
Fluro Friday are started by everyday people in your community. We would LOVE to see the stigma reduced in your local community. Find your favourite beach and start your own.

So here’s a funky recipe with some cool Fluro colours that will smash a load of Vitamin C into you and protect you from those winter bugs!  I had this for breakfast and it literally turbo charged my morning!

It features one of my all time favourites: Rainbow Chard.  Not only does it look cool, but you can eat it raw so it’s great for pimping up your salads and virtually fat-free.  It’s an awesome source of dietary fibre and a wicked way to get your vitamins A, K, E, & C.  It’s also packed with iron and full of phytochemicals (good for health & healing).

Take 3 whole stems of chard • coconut water or filtered water • coconut flesh • whole kiwi • small hand full blackberries • fresh basil • hand full spinach • 2 frozen bananas • chia seeds • 1 tbsp flax seed • small chunk of ginger - BLEND!!!

Oh - and if you see some crazy dude in Fluro gear on his bike or in a coffee shop in London - it's just me flying the flag for my brothers and sisters at www.onewaveisallittakes.com