Flexibility is one of the 7 pillars of your Strength Temple for a reason.  Well actually it's for a whole load of reasons!

Often the thing that most people ignore or just get lazy with, gently stretching your muscles after training confers long term benefits to your quality of life.  As a premium member you will get a whole stack of info on flexibility, but for those of you just interested in a quick knowledge hit here we go.

I'm fit and strong - why waste time working on my flexibility?

  • Flexible people have decreased rates of injury and assists with achieving great posture.
  • Good flexibility reduces stress in your exercising muscles and assists in releasing tension that builds up during training.
  • As we age flexibility gets gradually worse and many conditions are linked to this e.g. back pain, so get stretching!
  • Lengthen your muscles for a leaner look.
  • Feel more comfortable when you are travelling or when you feel the need to sit cross legged for a picnic. 

How to stretch

  • Stretching should never be painful
  • Check out different methods of stretching including static and dynamic
  • Don't forget to breathe :-)
  • Go for 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching after excercise