Surprise Yourself

When we first posted this picture to Instagram the response was quite overwhelming.  We all chuckle about it now, but it does look a bit extreme.  Comments flew in.... "That's photoshopped!"   and "How is that possible?"  "Where are the wires?"

Well it's real and we had to take a video of our founding Director, Richie Norton, actually doing this to prove that there were no smoke or mirrors involved.

So what's the message?  Well, you shouldn't expect to look at a picture like this and think that you can do it right away - although that may well be the case :-)  It has taken a good deal of investment in Richie's mind and body to allow him to perform this move.  Richie didn't train for this move, but being able to do it is a result of his training and we think that's a key to success at many levels.

The point we're trying to make is that if you put in the investment and create healthy habits that empower you to be better every day then the results you are looking for become happy side effects.  You actually don't even end up feeling like you've "worked" for them as they are just part of your lifestyle.

So check in with yourself, have a board meeting with your internal CEO, and decide to make some small changes today to take you in the direction you desire.  You don't have to go "all in" straight away.  In fact, it's probably more sustainable if you don't.  If a boat changes course by just two degrees and sails away, the difference in the end destination is massive in a week and unfathomable in a month.  Oh, and if you hit a problem, change your direction.  Calm seas never made the best sailors!

Go on and do yourself a favour.  SURPRISE YOURSELF!