Breakfast Porridge Jars

Breakfast on the move!

We would usually recommend you get up 30 minutes earlier and enjoy a steady and un-rushed breakfast experience, but we’re also realists and know that some of you like to fly about like a pinball.  If you can’t beat em, join em!

The fact is that eating breakfast is so important and if you can’t manage to make some time in the morning to have a proper feed, we’re going to encourage you to get your nutrition in one way or another.

This is a great breakfast hack and doesn’t take any time to make.  For those of you that get up, get in the shower and get out, you can do this the night before and leave it in the fridge.  Just don’t forget to take it with you.  Perhaps leave your keys with it 😉

Breakfast Porridge Jars

Make your porridge which takes a few minutes in the microwave - there’s no excuse!  We like organic gluten free, steel cut porridge oats.  Make it just how you like it, but if you are leaving it in the fridge overnight, make it slightly thinner as it will thicken up as it gets cold and the oats swell.

Put your porridge in an old Coconut Oil jar, or similar and top with your favourite toppings.  Breakfasts like this are an ideal time to get your nut and seed intake on board as well as a great opportunity to smash some fresh fruit into your body.  We’ve gone for berries here, but you can go with what’s in your fruit bowl.  Strawberries and mango is another top choice of ours.  Sprinkle your favourite seeds (chia, poppy, sunflower, pumpkin etc), muesli or trail mix on the top and pop the lid on.

Oh - and don’t forget to take a spoon 😃