The #TempleWalk and changing the way you feel in an instant!

We’ve written a lot recently about your mind.  No one gave us a manual on how to manage our mind, and so we’re writing one for you!

There’s no doubt that when you get a handle on managing your internal computer, you will be in a much better position to control what you do and how you feel.

This insight is also about mind, but indirectly.  If you want to change the way you feel you can use any of the mind techniques detailed in our #MindPillar and if you combine them with the following ideas they will be magnified into a more intense change in state than you perhaps thought possible!

You see, the way we feel is based on what we focus on as well as our physical body postures, facial expressions, actions and the way we move.  Reflect on this for a moment and then let’s try a little excercise to illustrate the point.

I’m not sure how you’re feeling at the moment.  If you’re feeling in a bit of a funk, this will make you feel better.  If you’re feeling pretty damn good then this will make you feel awesome!  In order for it to work, any of you sceptics out there just need to lend yourself to me for a few minutes.  I’d like you to empty any thoughts of negativity associated with trying new things from your mind (if the little devils are trying to poke their way through).

Before we start set yourself up for success by focusing on the fact that you are about to learn something that is going to help you for the rest of your life.  Some people like it so much they have shared it with others, thus spreading the vibe of happiness!

It’s not a profound technique, but I firmly believe it’s quite magical.  Never forget that you have the power to dictate how you feel at any given moment.  Nobody else has the power to make you feel in a specific way - it’s all about you!  It’s your choice.  When you combine this mantra with a few healthy techniques to nudge you in the right direction you’ll begin to live a more fulfilling life on a consistent basis.

OK then, so I’m hoping that short preamble has left you open to new ideas and a willingness to experience a little more joy.  “Hang on a minute Rich.  Who wouldn’t want to experience more joy?” I hear you saying.  Well, you’d be surprised!  Many of us self sabotage our feelings of happiness.  Have you ever been feeling a bit down and some potentially good experience or feeling comes by for you to subconsciously disregard it almost as if to say “Hang on, I can’t feel good about this as I’m in a bad mood!”  Yep - we all do it, so don’t sabotage your happiness on this one.  Come with me.  I’m giving you permission to make a change 😉 

You can try this in private, and if you’re really living in the now you can try it on a crowded tube train (although you may get a few inquisitive looks, but who cares about that eh?!)  If you prefer you can start in private and then upgrade the experience to a crowded train or shopping mall.  I dare you 😉 

The key insight here is to understand that your physical body has anchored feelings associated with certain physical actions and postures throughout your life.  You may not even be aware of it, but it has.  Have a think about this.

When you are in a positive state; really excited and up for a good time how are you breathing? Are you taking shallow breaths or is your breathing rate slightly elevated and deeper than usual? When you’re up for a challenge, bunji jump, your first kiss or your birthday present from a loved one how do you move?  Is your body hunched and bent or are your shoulders back, your chin slightly lifted and your chest out?

Just close your eyes for a moment and think about the difference between how your body looks and moves when you’re sad and depressed compared to how it is when you’re unstoppable!

How do you walk when you’re up for anything?  How does it compare to how you walk when you’re disillusioned or flat?  Do you swing your arms slightly when you’re pumped and is there possibly even a slight Travolta strut in there? 😃  What does your face look like when you’re excited?  Is it wrinkled and frowning, or are you’re eyebrows lifted, you’re eyes open slightly wider and a massive grin on your chops?

So now you’ve visualised all this, I think you should be convinced of the importance of your physical body when it comes to how you are feeling in the moment.  So here’s the thing.  No matter how you feel if you try this I guarantee it will change your state.  If you try it in conjunction with some of the mind based exercised detailed above it will be magnified.  So give this a go!

Don’t just keep reading.  Let’s get it on!  Stand up, and get ready to feel AWESOME!
  • Firstly let’s start with your breathing.  Start to mindfully be aware of your breathing and make it slightly quickened and deeper than your base line.
  • At the same time move your posture into a positive position.  Get your shoulders back, put your chest out.  If you can, start to walk in a way you would when you feel unstoppable.
  • If you like you can even imagine a flowing red cape attached at your shoulders behind you - yep, stay with me on this.  A long flowing red cape like Superman or Superwoman.  Start to walk and feel unstoppable.
  • Open your eyes slightly and put a massive grin on your face.  Come on now - it won’t work unless you do all this stuff, so suspend your disbelief and start smiling!
  • Swing those arms like the legend that you are and pop a little Travolta strut in there too if you like.  Keep focused on your breathing, imagine your favourite tune playing and perpetuate the sensations.
  • Stay in this state for about 30 - 60 seconds (don't let that massive grin fade) and then reflect on how you are feeling.

I don’t think I need say any more on the matter.  Some people (the ones that really get into it and go for it!) speak of experiencing that pins and needles, goose bumps sensation.  You’re feeling PUMPED and you LOVE IT!

Until next time - don’t forget your “Temple Walk”, stay in the now and keep practicing.  You are becoming more powerful on a daily basis.  I have massive respect for you for trying all these techniques and your body and mind are thanking you for it. I love you for it; keep it up!


Rich Davis