New Balance "You Are Your Toughest Opponent"

Richie Norton: New Balance #iamthecompetition

Richie Norton: New Balance #iamthecompetition


So as some of you may know, I’ve just become an ambassador for New Balance (yes, very cool and I’m absolutely buzzing about it). I grew up competing in Athletics and Rugby, and the thought of being scouted to represent a brand like NewBalance was a dream. Now I’m here, years later, living that dream.

Even though New Balance are making bad ass kit, I'm actually excited to be a part of this brand because of their philosophy. Especially their newest campaign 'You are your toughest opponent'. This campaign is all about the recognition that the toughest competition involves the battles and obstacles that we create ourselves, in our mind and our lives. To me, this campaign is about developing your confidence, becoming the best you can be and excepting you will face challenges and obstacles; once you master your mind, your body can achieve anything.

Over the coming months I’ll be researching the challenges in performance, breaking down the mind games, while also analysing and product testing the awesome New Balance apparel. Luckily for me I pretty much live in training clothes, I now have the best excuse to never ever wear a suit again. (Although I did hear a rumour NB had plans for a sweet tailored dinner jacket)...

With the health and fitness industry booming bigger than ever, even to the ‘trained eye’ it’s a daunting task understanding what to eat, how to balance your day, what exercises are right for you, what equipment you need (if any) and of course what clothing and footwear are required to support you training and lifestyle. This is where I come in.

This project with NewBalance is something I can relate to in many ways, on a personal level and as a professional. I've battled with career ending injuries, walked some dark paths and been on a wild journey before finding my way here. I’m grateful for the challenges that have given me so much insight into the struggle so many go through; how we grow from this always makes us stronger. I’m now finally understanding all my strengths (and weaknesses), following my passion and applying the knowledge I’ve developed from the many lessons getting here. I now hope to share this you. 

Over the next few months I’ll be working alongside @newbalanceuk, @menshealth and @runnersworld on a campaign all about understanding the power of the mind in performance and how your biggest opponent is YOU! Managing your expectations, getting the best out of your body, improving your health, pushing past your limits, exploring new challenges and reaching your highest potential. Mastering your mind is the key to it all.

If there’s anything you’d like me to research please let me know, I’ll pull it all apart!

This is our time to shine.

Oh - and here's a gift from New Balance:  Limited time: 15% off if you subscribe via the link below....

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Richie Norton #iamthecompetition

Here's a little video message from me on the power of the mind in performance.