I’m a big fan of helping create a safe space to open up and share what they are dealing with so they can get the right help and support. 'Mental Health Awareness Weeks’ are awesome but let’s work on this all year round!

With the hype of getting ‘fit’, shredded, six pack abs, hitting the gym and seeing your social feeds full of glam buff selfies 24 hours a day, we all know we need to move more and move better, but we've been neglecting something we can no longer ignore. It’s now the fight with mental health that we need to bring to the front line of fitness and put both in the same light.

No matter what you’re hoping to build in this life, if you don’t take care of you physical and mental health, you are limiting what you are truly capable of and putting yourself at risk, finding that ‘balance’ is key and it doesn’t have to be such a huge task. Eating a nutrient dense diet and plenty of exercise is one element, yes, but working at the art of 'mindfulness' keeping your stress levels in check and taking control of your mind is a game changer.

I’ve faced my own fights with mental health over the years and wow it’s been a wild ride, I’ve seen it tear up my own family and lost a few close friends in the battle. Nothing makes it more real that seeing it destroy your loved ones lives and feel helpless. 

Over the last few years teaching a combination of Yoga, Mobility/functional Movement, Meditation and other breath-work practices.. It’s become very clear that these are a huge part of the puzzle, we just need to see where and how we can bring it into our lives.

This affects everyone in every industry and in all walks of life, so we must take better care. 

Why would you not want to learn how to adapt to stressful situations, find lazer focus when your head is busy, calm nerves before important meetings, perform better and boost your energy when your feeling low?

I’m excited to share that I've recently partnered with AXAPP healthcare on a campaign called #headstrong that is set out to tackle this matter head on and I’d like to lead the charge.

This is a project I’m very passionate about so please show your support and share with those around you.

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(This is a sponsored post by AXA PPP healthcare)

Stay safe, be cool.

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I can’t wait show you what we have been creating….Here’s a sneak peak…..