Are you adapting to stress or simply getting better at suffering?

After recently getting a beating physically and mentally by a fully charged trip to the chaos that is London, hustling among the zoned-out zombies and rushing robots hurtling around being ‘busy’ with ‘stuff’… I can honestly tell you, that pace of life and intensity is not good for my health (or yours) and defo not sustainable.

I mean, you can find balance and some folks have a pretty sweet routine – right? Well, it’s

possible to fend off the stress, have a great ‘diet’, get to the gym every day, find some zen in a

yoga class, be in great shape, meditate twice a day and still pay your bills… but I don’t know

anyone, that’s nailed it!

Maybe it’s more relatable to see yourself as the other sort of human… Up and down with your

health and fitness mission (or maybe you’ve never even bothered to consider paying it any

attention?) getting caught up in ‘life’ and prioritising other things that we feel are important?

The reality is that at some point you are likely to have to take your wellbeing seriously because

of sickness, injury, your body shutting you down etc, then you have to do something about it.

But why wait for that to happen? What if you could add a few healthier habits into your daily

routine that could not only get you onto a better path physically but also nourish your mental

health? After all they are both just as important as each other, right?

Don’t just get better at suffering or settling for your life and health remaining the way it is, if

you’d like to change something… you have options and they don’t have to cause huge

disruption to your world. Why not just look at the time you put in as a valuable investment to

your future, after all no matter what your plans are, whether it being successful in business,

world domination or being the best tiddlywink champion, you are not going to be at your best if your health is not top of your list of priorities. Wherever you’re starting from, a little adjustment and effort will go a long way.

'‘Train your mind like you would train your body. When the two are working together and are both cared for in the same way…magic happens’.

To all my brothers out there… this is especially aimed at you. We can look great by hitting the

gym if that makes you feel good but make sure you are taking just as much care being gentle

with yourself and allowing the body to recover and repair. Mental health and physical health can be trained together, we just need to give it time and find your flow with it and that’s where you will really see your growth. Yoga and breath-work is not just for the girls, boys need that time too.

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