Welcome to TST Life Coaching.  We provide 121 and remote Life Coaching services centred on our 7 Pillars Philosophy, utilising many techniques for positive behavioural change and optimisation of your performance.  Whether you're looking for personal or business coaching for either yourself or your children, we have specialists available to help you.

How does it work?

  • You complete a short questionnaire online describing your current situation
  • We review your goals and get back to you for an introductory call to give you some initial advice and confirm your requirements
  • We book you in for your first session which can either be by phone call or skype if preferred
  • We provide you with assignments to bed in new insights and accelerate learning and change
  • We review your progress and monitor on an ongoing basis in subsequent calls
  • We recommend 1 call per week (can start with daily or 2 day for urgent or acute issues), but it's entirely up to you how often we speak
  • We recommend a program or campaign of coaching to give maximum benefit

What plans are available and what does it cost? (note all pricing reflects our current promotional discount of 25%)

  • Pay as you Go Coaching
    • This is a simple one off minimum investment of £60 (Usual Price £80 = 25% discount) for your coaching providing up to an hour in one session.
  • Flexi-Plan Coaching
    • Here you purchase a block of time at a discount which can be used flexibly
    • 4 Hours at £58 per hour (usually £77)
    • 6 Hours at £56 per hour (usually £75)
    • 8 Hours at £54 per hour (usually £72)
  • All rates are pro rata, so if you feel you need extra time in a session we just work it out as we go for Pay as you Go, or use your allotted block time for Flexi-Plan coaching
  • Face to Face sessions are also available at your hourly rate plus travel at 50p per mile each way and estimated travel time at your hourly rate.  e.g.  if you lived 20 miles away and you wanted an hour coaching session on Pay as you Go, cost would be travel mileage (20*2*0.5 = £20) plus estimated travel time of 1 hour (£60 * 1) plus your 1 hour coaching (£60) =  £140
  • What people are saying
    • "It was my first experience of Life Coaching.  I had been having some difficulties at work and generally feeling overwhelmed with my hectic life.  My coach helped me to get everything into perspective using some really cool techniques.  I started to hit deadlines and exceed my targets at work and my home situation improved dramatically.  My relationships have never been so strong and i feel more confident in all areas of my life."  Sarah
    • "Our conversation last night has helped me beyond belief!  I am looking forward to receiving your email breakdown of my assignments and can't wait to get started.  Awesome."  Peter