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Found a new toy this morning, I'm pretty sure it has millions of uses but this mornings session was all about core control & shoulder mobility. 😅 For those of you with goals to improve your core & abdominal shape, you need to leave the ab crunches alone 👊🏼 Mix up the planes of motion while putting obliques & full abdominal wall under load. 👉🏽 This will lift your heart rate burning the fat covering the muscles while improving stability & strength! 👌🏽 TIP: keep abs tight through out to maximise contractions & #gains ! Boom! 💪🏽💥 This was a 10kg bar from #technogym, if you don't have one handy start by using a light dumbbell or a broom handle to get the 'swing' of things (see what I did there 😂) ~ half an hour of fluid twisting, rotations & swings should get your heart pumping. 👉🏽 don't forget to breathe!!! ⚡️ Big shout out to @skonstyle for the sick gym kit ✌🏼️