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My Journey from Athlete to Coach has provided many lessons, not all fun that’s for sure, but if I’m being honest it’s the painful hits to the ego and emotional rollercoasters that have moulded me into the Coach I am today. A very present, open-minded teacher and student, with no fear of failure, in fact, I now welcome it. This journey we are on is what we make of it, you are in charge, you make your own choices, you decide how much work you are going to put in and how much you want it.

This is why going after the life that excites you and lights you up matters. Choosing to follow your passions, backing yourself all the way because you have your ‘WHY’ completely clear, having a vision and that belief in yourself, wherever you are starting this journey from, just take that next step.

Coaches need coaches, humans need community, leaders need their tribe.

For us to evolve and adapt we must explore boundaries, limits and be open to experimenting with the unknown, with the belief that we are wanting to better ourselves and improve our quality of life (whatever that means to you)... It’s going to take some work, but I promise giving it a go is much better than regretting you never tried.

My ultimate goal as a ‘coach’ is to improve your quality of life through effective and healthy habits and changes to your internal and external environment. You are the driver, I’ll be your co-pilot. Someone to be accountable to and a support network that understands, focusing not just on physical health, but overall health, including mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Sound like your kind of vibe?

Interested in joining the Temple Tribe?

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I’d like to take you on a ride.
Let me show you my version of ‘connection’
Close off the world around you and work deeper.
Learn how to adapt to stressful situations.
Find a grounding level of focus when you need it most.
Open you up and unleash your powers.

My workshops combine the powerful tools of breathwork, movement and mobility to help de-stress, strengthen, repair and rebuild your body, while also discussing how finding a daily movement and mindfulness ritual is a key tool to help fight the battles of maintaining our precious mental health.

This is for all levels of ability and fitness with no prior experience required, just an open mind and your good vibes, ready to connect with lots of other good humans.

We break down breathing tools, breath by breath, move by move. Leading into creating some of your own free flow to begin building a practice that feels just right to you.

At the end (if we are all feeling it), I’d like to wind things down, let me send you off with one last gift, nourishing your mind and closing out the workshop with deep restorative meditation.

Whether you are searching for a deeper practice, become more energised during the day, find focus at work, learn how to be more productive and proactive every day, or maybe it's your first time venturing into this ‘wellbeing and performance’ space?

These workshops are a great place to begin a new chapter or find that next level.



The School project grew from a connection that was made when a concerned pro-active headteacher of a primary school got in touch to see how he and his team of superhero teachers could tackle the growing stress and anxiety amongst his students during exam times and find more creative ways to get everyone moving and breathing better to improve overall health.

Richie had a troubled time in his early years, facing regular bullying, and struggles to communicate his frustrations and fear, leading to a disruptive few years. It was eventually rugby and finding the creative outlet that put him back on track.

So to be asked to teach and share his story in Schools in the hope is can changes little lives for the better… It has been such an honour.

Being able to influence our young leaders and future heroes of our world in a positive way is such a gift and something that has become Richie’s mission to carry forward.

If you are a teacher, parent or simply want to facilitate making these connections happen, we would love to hear from you.